In 2018 I joined Roam Analytics as an NLP engineer, where I have been working on improving existing NLP pipelines and developing new models for information extraction applied to clinical text.

I am particularly interested in Natural Language Processing, and over the years gained some experience in python and TensorFlow (see for instance my seq2seq implementation).

I did a MSc in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University. I also have a MS in Applied Mathematics from the Ecole polytechnique (France) where I was also involved in statistical and quantum physics.

I did some research with the Machine Learning Group on Natural Language Processing, and was one of the authors of a paper introducing a simple noising technique for data generation applied to the Grammar-Correction task. I invite you to test a cool alternative to grammarly, named Crio, being developed on top of this work.

I also did a project with the SLAC Machine Learning Group during Winter 17 on applying computer vision techniques for 3d cluster-splitting in ATLAS.

During my time at Stanford, I was also a TA for some graduate level classes in Machine Learning :

Roam Analytics

NLP Engineer


Machine Learning Group

Research Project in NLP

Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant

CS224n, CS229, CS230, CS234


Stanford University

Master in ICME - Data Science Track

2016 - 2018

Proxem (Paris)

Research on Named Entity Recognition with LSTM + CRF

Summer 2016

Riminder (Paris)

Project in Question Answering + Chat Bot

Spring 2016

École polytechnique

Master in Applied Mathematics - Diplôme d'Ingénieur

2013 - 2016

Option TI (Santiago de Chile)

Web Developer

Summer 2015

Université Panthéon-Sorbonne

Licence 3, Philosophie

2014 - 2015

Marine Nationale

Aspirant - French Guyana and La Martinique


Lycée Sainte Geneviève

Classes préparatoires - Maths Physics

2011 - 2013